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  • 7 Dec


    Project Milkshake: Positive Impact on Resident Well-being

    As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the well-being of our residents, we would like to share some encouraging updates regarding the progress of Project Milkshake at Lillyburn Care Home.

    Project Milkshake, now in its sixth month, has demonstrated significant positive outcomes for the residents participating. We are excited to witness the positive impact on various aspects of their health and quality of life.

    One notable achievement is the reduction in MUST scores among participating residents. At the beginning of the project, our average MUST score was 1.61, and as of the end of October, it has significantly improved to 0.47. We believe this reduction reflects the success of Project Milkshake in promoting better nutritional health.

    Additionally, the average BMI of residents at the project's inception was 21.3, and we are delighted to report an increase to 23.5. This places our residents within the healthy range for adults (20-25), indicating positive progress towards optimal health.

    Furthermore, our efforts in educating our staff have resulted in a noteworthy decrease in the number of residents on weekly weights. From 22 residents at the start of the project, we now have only two individuals on weekly weights. This change reflects our commitment to individualised care and ensuring that residents are transitioned to monthly weights when appropriate.

    In terms of falls, the data speaks volumes about the positive impact of Project Milkshake. In the 28 weeks before the project commenced, we recorded 80 falls. Since the project's initiation, the number of falls has reduced to 46 in the same period, marking a remarkable 42.5% decrease.

    Project Milkshake was launched by the Care Home Dietetic Team early last year, when they discovered different milkshake-making processes and reviewed new clinical evidence highlighting the need for increased protein in fortified diets.

    At Lillyburn, our fantastic activity staff embraced the project and created several fantastic themed days, serving up delicious milkshakes created by our talented Chefs. Residents and staff had a blast trying different flavours during a Hawaiian party and a 50s-style American Diner day.

    While Lillyburn’s Kitchen Team did not secure a win at the 2023 Scottish Care Awards in November in the Nutrition and Eating Well category, we want to clarify that these impressive results had not yet been reported. We remain committed to continuously improving and are optimistic about the future impact of Project Milkshake on the well-being of our residents.

    As we continue with the project, some residents have achieved stable weights and no longer require milkshakes, while others will undergo ongoing reviews. Clinical decisions will guide when someone should stop or commence the use of these nutritional supplements.

    We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and trust in Pacific Care. Together, we strive to provide the best possible care and enhance the lives of our cherished residents.

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