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Genuine Care & Compassion

Residential Care

Residential Care is for frail older people who require increasing assistance with their daily living needs like bathing, dressing and perparing a meal.

  • Additional Care and Support

    As we get older, it may become increasingly difficult to retain independence in all aspects of our lives. Getting out and about can prove difficult and sometimes loneliness can take hold. Often additional support in the home is necessary, however sometimes it is still not enough.

    Residential care is the ideal solution for those who now require a greater level of care and support than their home care or family can provide. We offer a secure, safe and welcoming environment with specific care plans to meet their individual needs. In addition to this increased personal support, our residents love the company and activities they can enjoy on a daily basis, often learning new skills and renewing intrests in past hobbies.


  • Welcoming Home-from-Home

    Suitable for those who are finding it difficult to cope at home without assistance, our residential care offers 24-hour support in a warm, calming and homely environment that enhances our residents' capabilities whilst supporting their declining abilities. We respect and promote our residents' individual lifestyles at all times, considering personal circumstances as well as offering choice and participation in decisions that affect daily living and future care.