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Dementia Care Information

Coping with Dementia may be challenging for residents and their families, often carrying mixed emotions and concerns. Our service offers specialist care where trained staff recognise the difficulties and challenges of Dementia, helping residents and their families to manage the condition effectively.

  • 24-Hr Specialist Dementia Care

    Pacific Care prides its approach to ensure the knowledge, skills, and experience of our staff are equipped with, and can provide the highest quality of care and support to those living with dementia. Having previously worked in partnership with the Iris Murdoch Dementia Services Unit at Stirling University, we implemented best practices to ensure our residents with dementia live as full a life as they possibly can. All our care staff undertake, as a minimum, ‘The Dementia Skilled – Improving Practice’ educational and learning programme. This resource and guidance were developed as part of a wider implementation plan for Promoting Excellence: a framework for all health and social service staff working with people with dementia, their families, and carers.

    The training aims to deliver an improved understanding of dementia, promoting person and family-centred care and community connections, health and well-being for people with dementia, meeting the needs of the person with dementia who is distressed, and supporting and protecting people’s rights.

    A high standard of nursing and personal care is provided by our team and each resident is allocated a key worker. A Personal Care Plan is developed with the full involvement of each resident and their family, which includes likes and dislikes in food, drinks, recreational activities, reminiscence, and individual lifestyle choices.  Personal preference is paramount, and independence is encouraged to maintain dignity within a caring therapeutic environment. We recognise the frustrations and tensions linked to dementia are reduced through daily planned activities and social and mental stimulation and interaction; resulting in new friendships and relationships being formed.

    Our Kintyre home in Kirkintilloch for example is widely recognised as one of the best homes within the Glasgow area for managing stress and distress behaviours. It is regularly praised by our health and social care partner and has been identified by the Care Inspectorate as a leading home for those living with moderate to advanced dementia.

    If you are interested in learning more about dementia, please have a look at our Dementia In Detail Guide.

  • Specialist Design

    All designs and finishes have been chosen to compensate for the cognitive impairments that the person with dementia may have. Our homes offer comfortable communal areas in addition to personal, private  spaces filled with interesting objects when group living overwhelms. Increased lighting and way finding techniques are used throughout. Gardens are secure and accessible from the lounges and some bedrooms, offering a space to enjoy the elements, whatever the weather.