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News & Events

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  • 17 Dec


    A Visit from Adelaides Nursery

    Posted by Birdston Day Care Centre


    Birdston Day Care enjoyed a lovely visit from Adelaides Nursery. Day Care manager Teresa is sisters with the Nursery manager of Adelaides and so it was a special visit for them both.

    The visit served as a chance for our service users to bond with the children who all thoroughly enjoyed their time s, who made the most of their time by dancing and taking part in a range of fun activities.

    The kids had plenty to say about their favourite part of the visit:

    “My favourite part was playing with the parachute and running under it” said Brodie.
    “I liked doing lots of dancing” said Finn.

    “Meeting Minnie” said Nieve.

    After an exciting day the children said goodbye and slept the entire journey back home.

    The children signed a note when they arrived back at the Nursery which said “We hope you will have us back again! Love Finn, Lewis, Neive, Jessica, Dhairya, Brodie, Margaret and Rachel.”



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