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News & Events

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  • 25 Dec


    Santa Comes to Stanely

    Posted by Stanely Park Care Home

    2010-08-08 13.31.28.jpg

    There was plenty of cheer today when Santa Claus himself made a surprise visit to Stanely Park Care Home. Residents enjoyed Christmas carols, hugs and gifts a plenty as he made his way around the home, ably assisted by his nursing staff elves!

    We think Santa had a soft spot for May and Grace as there were lots of cuddles going on there!


    2010-07-25 16.13.42.jpg 2010-07-26 16.15.00.jpg 2010-08-08 13.24.51.jpg 2010-08-08 13.33.41.jpg 2010-08-08 13.33.13.jpg 2010-08-08%2013.20.58.jpg 2010-08-08%2013.33.20.jpg 2010-08-08%2013.23.21.jpg 2010-07-28 13.52.35.jpg 2010-08-08 13.09.08.jpg


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