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  • 12 Oct


    Pacific Care's Holistic Approach to Fall Prevention

    Posted by Admin

    At Pacific Care, we prioritise the well-being of our residents by actively addressing the critical issue of fall prevention. Through evidence-based practices and a team of committed professionals, we've established a comprehensive fall prevention programme that not only reduces incidents but also enhances residents' overall quality of life. Join us as we explore our multifaceted approach to this essential aspect of elderly care.

    Staff Education:

    We recognise the importance of well-trained staff in preventing falls. To equip our team with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide excellent care, all staff members undergo falls training upon employment, which is regularly updated.

    Visual Impact Training:

    Our recent Visual Impact training session with opticians underscored the significance of vision in fall prevention. Addressing visual impairments significantly reduces fall risks, reflecting our dedication to enhancing resident safety.

    Community Engagement:

    We recently attended a Coffee Morning on Fall Prevention hosted by the Care About Physical Activity (CAPA) team at East Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP). This event aimed to raise awareness among our activity staff and foster critical conversations.

    Falls Noticeboard:

    Following the coffee morning, we established a Falls Noticeboard to educate our staff and relatives. This resource provides valuable information on fall prevention, including tips and strategies. Involving relatives in this dialogue is essential as they play a vital role in our residents' lives and care.

    Presentation and Awareness:

    The CAPA team's presentation covered various factors contributing to falls, increasing our staff's understanding. The falls quiz raised awareness, while discussions revolved around strategies to minimise falls, promote mobility, and reduce sedentary behaviour.

    Referral Process:

    We highlighted the importance of timely assessments and interventions during the coffee morning. This process ensures residents receive tailored support, further reducing fall risks.

    Power Quiz: Combining Knowledge and Movement

    A recent highlight was our Power Quiz session at Lillyburn Care Home, in partnership with The East Dunbartonshire HSCP. Residents answered questions with multiple-choice answers, and each choice corresponded to an exercise. This interactive approach stimulated mental and physical activity, enhancing mobility and coordination.

    Body Boosting Bingo: An Active Twist on a Classic

    We introduced Body Boosting Bingo at Mosswood Care Home. Participants engage in exercises associated with called numbers, ensuring physical engagement throughout the game. Tailored to residents' mobility levels, it fosters community and enjoyment.

    Paths for All Pilot Scheme:

    Additionally, we're thrilled to announce our participation in the Care Home Collaborative’s falls prevention programme, Care About Walking, in partnership with Paths for All's pilot scheme. This initiative emphasises the importance of walking and tracking progress within our homes. Encouraging residents to engage in regular walks not only promotes physical activity but also provides a sense of accomplishment as they track their progress. We believe that this initiative aligns perfectly with our commitment to fall prevention and active aging, ensuring our residents lead fulfilling and healthy lives within our care homes.

    The Benefits of Our Fall Prevention Initiatives

    Reduced Fall Risk: Our primary goal is to prevent falls, achieved by improving balance, strength, and mobility through exercises in activities.

    Enhanced Cognitive Function: Interactive activities stimulate mental activity, combating isolation and boredom while promoting mental well-being.

    Promotion of Social Interaction: Group activities foster community, providing opportunities for social interaction, laughter, and bonding.

    Encouraging Healthy Aging: Our initiatives promote holistic health, demonstrating that staying active is enjoyable and accessible for all residents, regardless of age or physical condition.

    At Pacific Care, fall prevention is more than a goal; it's a comprehensive approach encompassing staff education, community engagement, and continuous learning. Equipping our staff with the skills needed for fall prevention, engaging with our community, and collaborating with experts allows us to provide the safest and most enriching environment for our residents. Our unwavering commitment to promoting active aging and preventing falls makes our care homes truly exceptional places for our residents to call home.


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