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  • 19 Oct


    Andrea's Journey: Enriching Lives at Lillyburn Care Home

    Posted by Admin

    At Pacific Care, we are committed to improving the lives of our residents through various means, and one outstanding example of this commitment is our Activity Coordinator at Lillyburn Care Home, Andrea. Andrea's recent completion of an Open University Course in language instruction, with the support of Lingo Flamingo, a not-for-profit language school tackling dementia through language learning, exemplifies our dedication to enhancing the experiences of our residents.

    We recently sat down with Andrea to get a glimpse into her journey and the remarkable impact of her language instruction on our residents. Her passion has added a unique and valuable dimension to our care home community. Watch the full video below:




    The course that Andrea completed is a part of our ongoing efforts to create a stimulating and inclusive environment for our residents. Learning a new language not only keeps the mind active but also fosters a sense of connection and engagement, which are essential for the well-being of our elderly residents. Andrea's dedication to this initiative has been truly inspiring.

    In the video, you will witness the practical aspects of Andrea's achievement and its profound significance within our care home. We showcase the joy and sense of accomplishment our residents experience as they learn and communicate in a different language, thanks to Andrea's guidance.

    Join us in celebrating Andrea's incredible journey and the positive transformation she has brought to Lillyburn Care Home. We believe in going beyond traditional care, and Andrea's work is a testament to our commitment to providing a fulfilling and enriching experience for our residents.

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