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News & Events

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  • 7 May


    Renfrewshire Schools Band Lifts Community’s Spirits

    Posted by Mosswood Care Home


    Renfrewshire School Band members gave residents and staff of Mosswood Care Home, their families and the community a much-needed lift last night when they came to play outside the care home.  At a time that is now synonymous with showing appreciation for the NHS, it was heartwarming to see the appreciation shared with our incredible social care staff.  Pacific Care would like to say a huge thank you to Kyle Gordon, Charlie Rowan, Emma Downie and Keith Bowes Jnr from the band who kindly gave up their time to play a soaring rendition that brought the residents, the staff and the community together, at a distance, for the first time in many months.


    Home Manager Pauleen Stevens said, “ we wanted to do something nice for the residents, their families and staff at this challenging time. A big thank you goes to team leader Sharon Chalmers for making this happen and to the pipers for coming along. It was a very moving and emotional moment for everyone involved and provided a much-needed dose of positivity. Families were so delighted to see their loved ones out in the evening sun enjoying the music”


    The residents thoroughly enjoyed the music and some wanted to share their thought on the evening …


    Helen Guthrie

    “I loved seeing everyone coming together. It was a great night and the pipers were fantastic. I loved being able to see all my family. Well done everyone.”


    Jim Taylor

    “I enjoyed listening to the pipers. I seen my son for a short time. It was great.”


    Moira Taylor

    “I really loved seeing my husband Drew and brother Alan. It was great to be smiling and waving over.”


    Tony Lodge

    ‘I had a wonderful evening listening to the bagpipes and everyone clapping. I especially liked the motorcycles and would of liked to go on one.”


    Anna Dudley

    ‘I had a lovely night with the girls. I managed to speak to my sisters and that was lovely. I was able to make a little video with the help of my sisters and staff to send to my husband David. Oh what a lovely night I had.”




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