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  • 22 May


    National Doughnut Week

    Posted by Birdston Care Home

    Blog 13 - Nat Doughtnut Day (3).JPG (1)

    Friends from Lillyburn, Kintyre and Birdston took advantage of the good weather and gathered in the beautiful, sun kissed, gardens of Birdston Care Home to mark National Doughnut week. Residents enjoyed mingling and played some games from their childhood with staff such as hula hooping, putting and dominoes.

    To mark National Doughnut week residents were treated to home cooked doughnuts of several flavours including jam, sugar, strawberry and custard accompanied by cold juice to keep residents cool during the lovely warm day.

    Occasions such as this give our care homes at Birdston the opportunity to come together. Residents relish meeting new people and making new bonds. Resident Janette McClements from Birdston Care Home said that she “used to be able to hula hoop” however after giving it a try said she “can’t do it anymore!”

    Activities assistant Anthony said “It’s not so much about the outcome when trying these sorts of activities but about the memories they evoke. The feel of the hula hoop, the noise the golf club makes when connecting with the ball, getting sugar from the doughnut all around your mouth and on your fingertips- that is why we do this. For that feeling that can take someone back to a time and a place. To see residents smile even if just for a split second.”


    blog 13 - Nat Doughnut Day.JPG (1) blog 13 - Nat Doughtnut Day (2).JPG (1) Blog 13 - Nat Doughtnut Day.JPG (1)


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