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  • 18 May


    Cooking Group

    Posted by Birdston Care Home

    Blog 10 - Cooking group (2).JPG

    Head Chef Aiden and residents from Birdston Care Home regularly get together to be part of Birdston’s creative cooking group.

    Each week residents agree on the food they would like to make and the Chef ensures they have all the ingredients required to create exactly what they fancy. The conversation and reminiscing generated by cooking activities draw on deep memories and is also a social activity that will facilitate friendships.

    Many residents have spent a lot of time over the years preparing food. Offering opportunities to continue this can help give a sense of purpose and usefulness, boosting confidence and self-esteem, as well as promoting an interest in food and mealtimes.

    The extent to which someone can be involved in food preparation will depend very much on their abilities. It is important to ensure the activity is manageable and suitable for the skill of the person involved.

    Helen commented that ‘I really like that fact that after working hard making the cakes, everyone sits down together to enjoy the fruits of their labour.’

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