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  • 1 Mar


    Fair Trade Awareness

    Posted by Birdston Care Home


    For two weeks each year, thousands of individuals, companies and groups across the UK come together to celebrate Fair Trade for the people who grow our food and those who live in some of the poorest countries in the world who can be often exploited and badly paid.

    This year Birdston focused on the people particularly the women workers who grow the cocoa in the chocolate we love so much.

    In order to raise awareness and have some fun, staff arranged a fair-trade chocolate tasting session.  Everyone had a chance to sample a variety of fair-trade chocolate including ‘smooth mint and creamy salted caramel.’

    While enjoying their tasty treats the group heard stories from those who had experienced exploitation. Resident Moira said “We take things for granted and don’t always think about where the food we eat actually comes from.”

    To end the event, we took part in a ‘melt in your mouth’ chocolate quiz and had fun guessing chocolate themed questions such as which country eats the most chocolate.

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