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  • 4 Apr


    Moo Meadow Nursery Visit

    Posted by Stanely Park Care Home


    It was a real delight for residents at Stanely Park this morning as they were joined by children from Moo Meadows Nursery. The nursery held their first class at Stanely Park and plan to visit the home every Thursday.

    A number of parents attend the class with their children each week and residents are invited to join in with the activities.

    Resident Elizabeth McKim said “A lot of residents here can’t always respond to things very well but when the children visit everyone lights up. It’s great to see the responses when the children smile and wave at us.”

    Elizabeth met cutie baby Emily who she adored however Emily appeared to be much more interested in Elizabeth’s glasses!

    The group played a variety of games, such as walk round the circle and pass the balloon. Fly swatters were handed to each resident and they passed the balloons to the children with their swatters which was a great laugh.

    The children were definitely the highlight of the day at the home and the residents and staff hope to see you all again next week.

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