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Gender Pay Gap Report


The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 requires organisations employing more than 250 people to undertake Gender Pay Reporting and publish the results in both the Company’s and Government website within one calendar year of April 5th 2017.

Pacific Care Limited’s report covers the snapshot date of 5th April 2017 and comprises of calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of men and women in our organisation, on that date.

Workforce by Gender

Pacific Care is a diverse organisation with a predominately female workforce.  As at the 5th April the workforce comprised of 50 males and 285 females (14.9% male and 85.1% female).

Mean Gender Pay Gap:

As at 5th April 2017 average (mean) hourly pay rate for males was £11.29 and average (mean) hourly pay for females was £10.88.

This means that the mean gender pay gap as at 5th April 2017 was 3.36% ie mean pay for males was 3.36% more than mean pay for females.

Median Gender Pay Gap:

As at 5th April 2017 median hourly pay for males was £8.65

Median hourly pay for females was £8.45

This gives a median gender pay gap of 2.31% on the reporting date of 5th April 2017 ie median pay for males was 2.31% more than median pay for females.

Bonus Pay Gap

During the reporting period preceding April 2017 the proportion of males in the workforce receiving bonus was 4.3% and the proportion of females in the workforce receiving bonus was 1.5%.

Pay Across Quartiles

The pay split is as follows:


Male %

Female %

Upper Quartile




Upper Middle Quartile




Lower Middle Quartile




Lower Quartile


















Understanding the gap

Pacific Care Limited’s workforce is made up of significantly more female than male staff and the lower paid roles of care staff, domestic and kitchen are predominately undertaken by women.

We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our organisation and that the pay gap is related to people carrying out different roles.

With regards to bonus payments, these are payments made relating to assisting with Orientation within the company and there was a higher percentage of men that carried this out.

Pacific Care believes in an inclusive and diverse organisation where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.  For example, we offer flexible working at all levels to encourage people to be able to work with the company alongside any family commitments. 




I, Angela Colthart, HR Manager, confirm that this information is accurate.