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  • 12 May


    Playlist for Life

    Posted by Admin

    Playlist for Life

    Play List for Life is an old idea that has gained momentum and increased interest since Sally Magnusson witnessed the effect of personally meaningful music on her late mother’s dementia and is a project we are soon to be launching at Pacific Care.


    We will encourage families and caregivers to create a playlist of uniquely meaningful music, which can be delivered at any time via an ipod or similar device. Family members find that sharing this kind of music can help recover the closeness of a relationship and bring structure to what is often a long day or a difficult visit.

    Why it works-

    If music is personal enough there is an effect on autobiographical memory. It can provide a sense of safeness, belonging and familiarity. Sharing a playlist brings people together, social interaction is what people with dementia most need.

    Being able to respond to music- the first sense in the foetus and the last to go at death- is the one thing dementia cannot destroy. That’s why we are investing time and effort making this happen for our residents.

    Keep an eye on our blog to see how we are progressing! The video above shows just how wonderful it can be.

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