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Story Of A Care Assistant

Career Journeys

Damien's Story

  • My name is Damien Obidowski and I have been a Carer for over 13 years.  I joined Pacific Care in October 2014 and I am very grateful for the opportunity to work alongside many experienced and caring staff at Lillyburn Care Home.

I have learnt so many new things through training and colleagues.

In the future I want to follow my dream and gain a Batchelor of Nursing Degree and be able to pass my knowledge and skill to our new and less experienced staff at Pacific Care. D Obidowski, Care Assistant, Kintyre.

Michelle's Story

  • I have been working for Pacific Care since March of 2015 as a care assistant and continue to do so today, Pacific Care has boosted my confidence and gave me great Demetria and moving and handling training just to name a few. They also put me through my svq2 which something is I didn’t think I would achieve, so now I wish to go on to further education either through the company or at college.

    I love my job in general, it’s such a rewarding job in itself. I also like working as part of a team and also the training I have received. 

    I wanted to become a care assistant when my papa got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I looked after him briefly when my gran went on small outings. I’ve always loved helping people and being part of a team.

    The skills required for this type of job are good team working skills, good at working under pressure, being confidential, be reliable, be kind, helpful and a great listener.

I love my job in general, it’s such a rewarding job in itself.

My working day is different every day as it depends on how the residents feel and how their health is. It does consist of doing personal care, working as a team, assisting residents with meals who can’t assist themselves anymore, writing charts, chatting away to residents and their families. The most important thing is making sure the residents are safe.